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75 VG / 25 PG.

A perfect blend of Blenheim slip-pit apricots infused with fresh, juicy peaches complimented with a vanilla bean undertone.


Welcome to Summer Moon

In 1946, California started producing the “Cadillac” of apricots and they were called Blenheim slip pit apricots. These fabulous, extra jumbo slip pits are the large apricots picked ripe and dried whole. After a few days, the pit is gently slipped out, creating the fabulous Gourmet Slip Pit. These are very ripe and each and every one of them is oozing with flavour and a delicate sweetness and are known as the best in the world with a taste second to none.

We’ve taken the rare Blenheim slip pit apricot and we’ve infused them with the juiciest of peaches picked fresh off of orchard trees and melded them together to create an e-liquid worthy of a name for a season.

Both flavours sit balanced on a light fresh vanilla bean undertone and together make a vape experience that will leave you wanting more.

On the inhale, you go back to a time where you bite into the delectable tastes of fresh peaches and apricots picked at the ripe of perfection and the exhale finds a delicate vanilla that accompanies the fruits In the most delightful of ways.

The after taste left in your mouth is simply delicious and you’ll keep coming back again and again to experience the story of Summer Moon